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Project Descriptions:

Arranging for the Solo Jazz Vocalist

is a workbook designed to help singers create their own arrangements. I researched instrumental techniques, read educational arranging books, transcribed arrangements, and included some of my own work to explain concepts and how to get started. In this workbook you'll learn about instrumentation, how to write melodic motives, formatting charts, reharmonization and more. Itǯs all written in a conversational, no nonsense way, so you can understand what the heck is going on! In 2017, I traveled to Helsinki, Finland to present my research on arranging and premiere this workbook at the Inte rnational Vocal Jazz Conference. Connect with me if you would like a copy! Songwriting, Improvisation, and Storytelling (SIS) is a program I created to introduce students to music via literature. Through improvisation games, musical storytelling, and fun songwriting exercises, students unlock their creativity and compose music based on stories. Previous presentations of SIS include the Boys and Girls Club of Roslindale, YMCA Cambridge, and Dr. Green Elementary School in El Paso, TX. Crayon Box is an interactive workshop series introducing students to improvisation and composition via technology and visual art. The curriculum I wrote includes learning about graphic scores, alternate notation, visual representations of music, and creating student compositions. At the final workshop performance, students play their compositions with a full band and draw their graphic scores on tablets.These visual scores are projected behind the band as students bring their creations to life through improvisation. Crayon Box has been possible with the help of the Boston Cultural Council, NEC Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department, and Kadence Arts. The Lomax Folk Project

explores the vast repertoire of American folk music recorded by John and Alan Lomax. Hannah Grantham and I co-founded the Lomax Folk Project to connect with music of our home states, North Carolina and Texas respectively. Hannah is our musicologist, researching the stories behind our repertoire, and Iǯm the arranger, reimagining the music. Together we collaborate on creating interactive informative performances, inviting audiences to participate and learn about the music history in their own backyards. We went on tour in the summer of 2017 and have an album out now! For every ten albums sold we are donating Whatǯs Folk to an elementary music school program. Whatǯs Folk is an educational curriculum I created that includes American history, folk music, and notable folk figures. For a copy of our album or What's Folk please visit www.thelomaxfolkproject.com

Some Short Songs is an album of original compositions that explore the Lydian Chromatic Concept (LCC). I love the LCC theory because it has helped me to explain my compositions in a clear way. When writing this album I wanted it to be fun! So, youǯll hear songs about hula-hoops, running out of peanut butter, and others about self-conscious clouds. Some Short Songs is available on bandcamp and proceeds are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. Stay on the lookout for Some More Short Songs in the fall of 2018. Bandcamp-some short songs

Andrew& Amanda is a piano voice duo that focuses on playing a mix of unusual standards and original music. Andrew Boudreau and I met while studying at the New England Conservatory and have been playing and hanging ever since. We love discovering and uncovering new repertoire from the American songbook and reinterpreting our original music for this intimate setting. Our repertoire includes Steve Lacy, Abbey Lincoln, Chris Connor, and Carla Bley compositions. You can experience our performances in living rooms, galleries, and basements up and down the east coast. I am the founder of El Paso Jazz Girls, a summer clinic for El Paso high school girls to learn the Texas all-region jazz repertoire. In the last decade only 7 girls have made Texas all-state jazz band and many girls see this lack of diversity in their high school jazz bands. I want to help change this demographic. The clinic is free for girls to attend, taught by professional female musicians, and is an opportunity to meet other young girls in jazz, creating a support system for all-region auditions and beyond. This year's clinic will be July 5-6, 2018 at UTEP. If you are interested in attending or donating to EP Jazz Girls please connect with me! Connect