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Teaching Artist

Amanda integrates her musical knowledge with her love of songwriting in working with schools, after school programs, community centers and social service agencies. She is the creator of Songwriting, Improvisation and Storytelling a program designed to introduce students to music by unlocking their creativity through improvisation games, musical storytelling and fun songwriting exercises. Most recently, Amanda has presented this program to elementary schools in Texas, the YMCA Cambridge and the Boys and Girls Club.

Amanda has also cultivated and instructed Songwriting Workshops for all ages. Regardless of musical experience, songwriting can help develop creativity, instill confidence, help to heal and be an outlet for expression. Through a variety of activities, Amanda builds Songwriting Workshops that are tailored to specific groups and that foster a creative space with no judgments or expectations. Amanda currently teaches Songwriting to teenagers at the McLean Psychiatric Hospital and to women at the Cambridge Women's Center.

For younger students, age six and below, Amanda teaches Music Creativity. By keeping lessons fun and engaging, her short half-hour classes introduce students to music fundamentals. Currently, Amanda teaches Music Creativity in the New England Area, as part of Music Launch at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. Contact Amanda for more information and to set up a program for your group.

Private Lessons

Amanda makes teaching fun by aiming to build confidence and instill passion for music with every student. Allowing students to pursue a musical style that interests them is important to Amanda, as she helps each of her students find their own voice through music.

Amanda is pursuing a Masters of Music with a Music-in-Education concentration from the New England Conservatory. Amanda is on faculty for the El Paso Jazz Society Youth Jazz Camp and Polaris District Scout Music Program.

Contact Amanda for private lessons in voice, theory, piano, songwriting, arranging and/or flute in the New England area or other locations via Skype. Topics include: technique, improvisation, arranging and composing for a variety of instrumentation, and developing practice habits.